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Press Release: Florida Man Innovations and Ultimate 3D Printing Store to Address Florida's Talent Gap in Additive Manufacturing and Design Thinking

Tampa, Florida — 9/11/2023 — Florida Man Innovations, a leading business consultant in sales and business development, and Ultimate 3D Printing Store, a front-runner in the 3D printing industry, are joining forces to tackle Florida's talent gap in additive manufacturing, design thinking, and related technologies. 

Faced with a shortage of skilled professionals in design thinking, additive manufacturing, 3D printing, and modeling, Florida's K-12 schools and universities have struggled to keep pace with industry needs. This partnership aims to remedy that by launching a comprehensive survey aimed at Florida-based companies and educational institutions. 

The survey will assess the specific requirements for open roles, skills, and educational pathways essential for success in the aforementioned fields. Insights from this survey will culminate in an ecosystem report designed to bridge the talent gap. 

"Florida has a critical need for skilled professionals in rapidly evolving fields like additive manufacturing. This partnership will pinpoint exactly what's missing and how we can solve it," says Brett Maternowski, founder of Florida Man Innovations.

For businesses looking to stay competitive and for educational institutions aiming to produce job-ready graduates, this report will be an invaluable tool for aligning skills with demands. 

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- Brett Maternowski, Florida Man Innovations:

Roy Kirchner, Ultimate 3D Printing Store:


By participating in this impactful initiative, Florida Man Innovations and Ultimate 3D Printing Store are not just identifying the problem, they're actively working to solve it. It's time to close the talent gap and propel Florida's businesses and educational institutions into the future.

New client announcement! 

Florida Man Innovations is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Ultimate 3D Printing Store (U3DPS), a global leader in 3D Printing and Subtractive Manufacturing solutions. This collaboration marks a significant step towards elevating both companies' growth.

Check them out at: Ultimate 3D Printing Store I 3D Printers I 3D Printer Parts 

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