Our next event: Synapse Orlando - October 21st

Synapse Orlando is the annual gathering for all the doers, creators, innovators, thought leaders, making Orlando one of the world’s fastest growing innovation communities and the hottest destinations to live, work and play.

This 1-minute video will show you the energy and impact of Synapse Orlando, and below is an overview of the event and its impact.

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Have you ever heard of Synapse Converge?

These events are invite only, 3 days, 3 locations. We bring together leaders in North, Central and South Florida to discuss the state of innovation & entrepreneurialism to plan out how we will drive innovation during our events and through our programming. These events are for the leaders of companies growing in Florida, Universities, EDCs, and select Incubators and Accelerators.

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About Me

I'm a Tampa native and have worked in sales and sales leadership my whole career. Currently, I have the pleasure of serving as the VP of Corporate Engagement at Synapse Florida.

Synapse curates connections through warm introductions, programming, events, and experiences whenever possible.

My role in all of this is simple. I talk to people, facilitate introductions when I see opportunities, and bring people together through sponsorships and expo experiences during our events. In order to do that well, I'm always taking calls and open to conversations to explore what people need out of the Florida innovation ecosystem.

Outside of events, if you ever require help finding a resource, require an introduction, or someone to ideate with, I'm happy to help. Just book a quick meeting with me using the link above.

You'll be surprised with how many awesome people we have in our community and network. If you're interested in becoming better connected in the state, I'm happy to tell you what we have coming up and build a unique collaboration that helps to get you engaged early.